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    Your trusted source for Ovation tyres in South Africa. Ovation Tyres is a Chinese tyre brand, known for its high-quality products and exceptional performance. Ovation Tyres offers a wide range of tyres for various types of vehicles, including cars, SUVs, and light trucks. Their tyres are designed to provide superior traction, stability, and handling on both wet and dry roads, ensuring a safe and comfortable ride. With advanced technology and innovative engineering, Ovation Tyres is committed to providing their customers with the best possible driving experience.

    Ovation is an Asian tyre manufacturer that takes as its inspiration four key words:

    • Unity,
    • Endeavour,
    • Pragmatism and
    • Efficiency.

    The company was founded in 1995 and quickly conquered the eastern markets. It then set its sights on Europe and America.

    We take pride in offering a wide selection of high-quality, budget-friendly Ovation tyres that are perfect for your daily driving needs. Ovation tyres are known for their exceptional value, providing reliable performance and safety at an affordable price. Whether you're commuting to work, running errands, or embarking on a road trip, Ovation tyres deliver the perfect balance of comfort, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

    Ovation Tyres (23)

    275/35R19 Ovation Vi-388 100W Tyre

    R 3,045.00

    255/35r20 Ovation Vi-388 97w Xl...

    R 2,595.00

    155/65r14 Ovation Vi-682 75t Tyre

    R 1,050.00

    195/65R15 Ovation Vi-682 91V Tyre

    R 1,250.00

    215/65R16 Ovation VI-786 98H Tyre

    R 1,680.00

    155R13c Ovation V-02 90/88q 8pr...

    R 1,355.00

    165/55R14 Ovation Vi-682 72H Tyre

    R 1,365.00

    165/60R13 Ovation Vi-682 73T Tyre

    R 1,335.00

    165/65R13 Ovation Vi-682 77T Tyre

    R 850.00

    165/65R15 Ovation Vi-682 81T Tyre

    R 1,195.00

    165/70R13 Ovation Vi-682 79T Tyre

    R 1,215.00

    175/60R14 Ovation Vi-682 79H Tyre

    R 1,035.00

    195/75R16C Ovation V-02 107/105R 8Pr...

    R 1,845.00

    205/55R15 Ovation Vi-388 88V Tyre

    R 1,550.00

    215/55R16 Ovation Vi-388 97V Xl...

    R 1,835.00

    215/75R16c Ovation V-02 116/114r 10pr...

    R 2,065.00

    225/40R18 Ovation Vi-388 92W Tyre

    R 1,865.00

    245/70R19.5 Ovation Vi-111 16pr (multi)...

    R 4,295.00

    175/65R14c Ovation V-02 90/88T 6pr...

    R 1,325.00

    175/80R14 Ovation Vi-682 88T Tyre

    R 1,385.00

    205/50R17 Ovation Vi-388 93W Tyre

    R 1,925.00

    205/65R15c Ovation V-02 102/100T 6pr...

    R 1,555.00

    155/80r12 Ovation Vi-682 77t Tyre

    R 820.00R 930.00