Soap Dispenser Automatic Soap/Sanitizer Liquid Dispenser
Soap Dispenser Automatic Soap/Sanitizer Liquid Dispenser
Soap Dispenser Automatic Soap/Sanitizer Liquid Dispenser
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Soap Dispenser Automatic Soap/Sanitizer Liquid Dispenser

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    Smart sensor hand washing machine/ induction soap or hand sanitizer dispenser is automatic spray type hand washing machine/soap dispenser using digital circuit control, infrared automatic induction and battery (or DC power) drive. it has the advantages of stable and reliable operation, strong resistance to light source interference and sensitive induction. The infrared sensor automatically ejects liquid, which is suitable for the use of various disinfectants, potions/ hand sanitizers; its low energy drive circuit. he battery life is longer. It is an ideal choice for public places.

    – Fully automatic induction to avoid the spread of bacteria caused by contact.
    – Fully automatic power-saving chop-more energy-saving, environmentally friendly and cost-effective.
    – More-user friendly design-simple installation, simple use and long life.
    – Long battery life and supports AC/DC power supply.
    – Automatic continuous spray function, when continuous sensing, the machine will spray once every 3 seconds, it will automatically stop, re-sensing, you can continue to work.

    – The power supply should be in the disconnected state, the machine can not work, close the front shell, the green light shows, ready to use.
    – In order to prevent misoperation, there should be at least 40cm space under the machine, and do not install in places exposed to strong sunlight and above strong reflective objects.
    – Prevent any objects from blocking the liquid outlet.
    – Keep the liquid in the machine clean and free of other strip-shaped or block-shaped impurities.
    – Avoid direct fire on the machine.
    – If there is liquid in the container during disassembly, it is forbidden to lay the product flat to prevent the liquid from flowing out.
    – Wetting the motor and circuit board, causing damage, the liquid must be poured out before it can be laid flat.