14 Inch tyres for sale online. Shop a wide range of 14 inch tyres from different tyre brands: Kenda tires, Continental, Ovation, Michelin, Firestone, Pirelli, General Grabber, Dunlop, Sumitomo, Accelera and many more.  Free shipping nationwide on orders above R1000.

14 Inch Tyres (82)

175/65R14 Dunlop Sp560 82T Tyre

R 880.00

165/60R14 Dunlop Sp560 75H Tyre

R 940.00

205/75R14c Roadx Rxquest C02 109/107q...

R 2,130.00

185/60r14 Dunlop Sp560 82h Tyre

R 920.00

205/75R14 Yokohama Y360 WSW 109/107S...

R 2,750.00

195R14C Minnell Come L09 WSW...

R 1,540.00

185/65R14 Dunlop Sport 560 86H...

R 990.00

185/70R14 Dunlop Sp560 88T Tyre

R 1,140.00

155/65R14 Dunlop EC202L JP 75S...

R 690.00

155/65R14 Kenda Komet Plus Kr-23...

R 920.00

175/65R14 Aptany RP203Y 82T Tyre

R 920.00

175/65r14 Sumitomo Htrt5 82t Tyre

R 830.00

185/65R14 Sumitomo HTRH5 86H Tyre

R 930.00

185/70r14 Roadx Rxmotion H01 88h...

R 950.00

205/75r14c Accelera Ultra 5 109/107s...

R 1,980.00

165/65R14 Aptany RP203 79T Tyre

R 860.00

175/70R14 Dunlop Sp560 84H Tyre

R 1,070.00

185/60R14 Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance Zaf...

R 1,270.00

185/60r14 Sumitomo Htr A/s P01...

R 870.00

185/60r14 Iris Ecoris 82h Tyre

R 990.00

185/60R14 APTANY RP203Y 82H Tyre

R 1,070.00

195/70r14 Roadx Rxmotion H01 91t...

R 1,060.00

185/70R14 General Altimax Comfort 88T...

R 1,530.00

185/60r14 Accelera Epsilon 82h Tyre

R 1,140.00

155/55r14 Kenda Komet Plus Kr-23...

R 1,070.00

175/65r14 Firestone Fs100 82h Tyre

R 1,030.00

175/65R14 RoadX RXMotion H01 82T...

R 1,010.00

175/70R14 APTANY RP203Y 84T Tyre

R 1,020.00

175/70R14 RoadX RxMotion H01 84T...

R 1,000.00

185/80r14 Kenda Komet Plus Kr-23...

R 1,150.00

185/65r14 Kenda Komet Plus Kr-23...

R 1,340.00

195/70r14 Kenda Komet Plus Kr-23...

R 1,530.00

205/75r14c Bridgestone 613v Wsw 109s...

R 2,190.00

195R14C Dunlop SPVAN01 8PR 106/104S...

R 1,540.00

185/60R14 Continental Eco Contact CP...

R 1,490.00

195R14c Dunlop Lt3+ 106/104s Tyre

R 1,430.00

185/60r14 Roadx Rxmotion H02 82h...

R 960.00

195r14c Roadx Rxquest C06 106/104q...

R 1,540.00

185/70r14 Iris Ecoris 88t Tyre

R 1,210.00

165/60r14 Accelera Eco Plush 75h...

R 1,170.00