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    Shop 16 Inch tyres for sale online at Evolution Wheel and Tyre. View a wide range of 16 inch tyres from different tyre brands: Kenda tires, Continental, Ovation, Michelin, Firestone, Pirelli, General Grabber, Dunlop, Sumitomo, Accelera and many more. Free shipping nationwide on orders above R1000.

    16 Inch Tyres (42)

    285/75R16 Gremax Max A/T 2...

    R 800.00

    205/45R16 Atlander AX88 87W XL...

    R 1,130.00

    185/55R16 RoadX RxMotion H02 83H...

    R 1,170.00

    205/55r16 Sumitomo Bc100 91v Tyre

    R 1,180.00

    195/45R16 APTANY RA301Y 84V XL...

    R 1,200.00

    195/55R16 Aptany RP203Y 87V Tyre

    R 1,250.00

    205/55R16 APTANY RP203Y 91V Tyre

    R 1,300.00

    205/55R16 Aptany RA301Y 91V Tyre

    R 1,300.00

    195/50R16 APTANY RA301Y 88H XL...

    R 1,310.00

    195/50R16 Aptany RP203Y 88V XL...

    R 1,310.00

    205/55r16 Accelera Phi-r 94w Xl...

    R 1,350.00

    215/55R16 Atlander AX88 97W XL...

    R 1,420.00

    215/55r16 Kenda Vezda Kr-26 93v...

    R 1,580.00

    205/65R16 APTANY RP203Y 95H Tyre

    R 1,580.00

    205/60R16 APTANY RP203Y 92H Tyre

    R 1,630.00

    205/55R16 Continental Premium Contact 2...

    R 1,700.00

    215/65R16 APTANY RP203Y 98H Tyre

    R 1,760.00

    205/65R16C APTANY RL108Y 107/105T Tyre

    R 1,880.00

    Accelera Eco Plush 95h 205/65r16...

    R 1,900.00

    215/60R16 APTANY RP203Y 95H Tyre

    R 1,910.00

    215/65R16 Dunlop At5 98h Tyre

    R 1,940.00

    185/55R16 General Altimax One 83v...

    R 1,960.00

    235/60R16 APTANY RU101Y 100V SUV...

    R 1,970.00

    195/75R16C APTANY RL108Y 107/105R Tyre

    R 2,080.00

    225/55r16 Accelera Phi-r 99w Xl...

    R 2,090.00

    215/70R16 APTANY RU025Y 100H SUV...

    R 2,110.00

    205/60R16 Continental Prem2(*)92H Tyre

    R 2,250.00

    205/60R16 Continental Eco Contact 6...

    R 2,300.00

    245/70r16 Ecovision Vi-286at 107t Tyre

    R 2,520.00

    205/55r16 Michelin Pilot Sport4 91w

    R 2,600.00

    205/50r16 Accelera 651 Sport 87w...

    R 2,620.00

    235/65R16C APTANY RL106Y 115/113T Tyre

    R 2,640.00

    225/70R16 Kenda Klever H/p Kr-15...

    R 2,870.00

    700R16 Dunlop SP185 12PR Tyre

    R 2,910.00

    265/70R16 Accelera Omikron A/T 112T...

    R 3,100.00

    255/70R16 ContiContiCrossContact LX 111T Tyre

    R 3,230.00

    265/70R16 Dunlop AT3G" 121/118R Tyre

    R 4,050.00