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              Car audio amplifiers for sale at Evolution Wheel And Tyre. Shop a wide range of Car audio amplifiers at Evolution Wheel And Tyre. We have different kind of brands, sizes and different specs to accommodate your interests. Combo's are also made available and they come at a bargain. Some of the brand names are; Targa, XTC, Powerbase, Starsound, Audiobank and Street king. We also professionally fit and install sound products. Shop online and get free shipping on orders above R1000. nationwide.

              Amplifiers (7)

              Starsound SSA-Hornet-7600 Hornet 4 Channel...

              R 750.00

              Targa TG-H12000.4 Hitman Series 4...

              R 825.00R 900.00

              Targa TG-D4.18000 4-Channel Mini Amplifier...

              R 1,550.00R 1,600.00

              Targa TAR15000.4 Rock Series 4...

              R 1,100.00R 1,200.00

              Targa TGSV8800.4 Street Villain Series...

              R 1,100.00R 1,200.00

              Audiobank AB43N 4 Channel Amplifier...

              R 910.00

              Powerbass Mono 15 000.1 War...

              R 3,000.00R 3,450.00
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