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Tyres (273)

175/60R13 Sonar SX-2 77H Tyre

R 640.00

155/65R13 Sonar SX-608 73T Tyre

R 640.00R 700.00

185/60R13 Sonar SX-1 Evo 80H...

R 705.00R 775.00

155/65R13 Kenda Komet Plus Kr-23...

R 725.00

165/55R13 Accelera Gamma 70H Tyre

R 730.00R 1,065.00

175/70R13 Dunlop Sp560 82T Tyre

R 745.00R 820.00

175/65r14 Sumitomo Htrt5 82t Tyre

R 755.00R 845.00

155/65R14 Kenda Komet Plus Kr-23...

R 760.00

165/65r13 Roadx Rxmotion H01 77t...

R 760.00R 825.00

185/60r14 Dunlop Sp560 82h Tyre

R 795.00R 890.00

155/65r13 Roadx Rxmotion H01 73t...

R 795.00

155R12C RoadX RxQuest C06 88/86N...

R 795.00R 1,015.00

185/60R14 APTANY RP203Y 82H Tyre

R 800.00

165/60r14 Iris Ecoris 75h Tyre

R 825.00R 890.00

185/65R14 Dunlop Sport 560 86H...

R 850.00R 955.00

165/65R13 Accelera Gamma 77T Tyre

R 865.00

145/80R10 Dunlop Sp11 69T Trailer...

R 870.00

175/65r14 Kenda Komet Plus Kr-23...

R 880.00

185/60r15 Sumitomo Htr H5 84h...

R 890.00R 1,000.00

175/65R14 Dunlop Sp560 82T Tyre

R 890.00

175/65R14 Ovation Vi-682 82T Tyre

R 910.00

165/45r16 Kenda Kaiser Kr-20 70v...

R 915.00R 1,075.00

195/50R15 Annaite AN600 82V Tyre

R 915.00R 1,040.00

185/55R15 Kenda Vezda KR-26 82V...

R 920.00R 1,080.00

175/80r15 Kenda Kuavela Kr-32 90s...

R 935.00

155R12C Dunlop SPVan01 88/86R 8PR...

R 945.00

185/60r14 Roadx Rxmotion H02 82h...

R 955.00

165/80R15 Federal SS657 87T Tyre

R 970.00

205/60r15 Kenda Komet Kr-23a 91h...

R 970.00

175/70r14 Iris Ecoris 88t Xl...

R 975.00R 1,105.00

175/80r14 Iris Ecoris 88t Tyre

R 975.00R 1,185.00

175/70R14 APTANY RP203Y 84T Tyre

R 980.00

195/60r15 Sumitomo Bc100 88h Tyre

R 990.00R 1,110.00

165/50R16 Kenda Kaiser Kr-20 75V...

R 995.00

165/60R14 Dunlop Sp560 75H Tyre

R 995.00

185/80r14 Kenda Komet Plus Kr-23...

R 995.00

175/70R14 RoadX RxMotion H01 84T...

R 1,000.00

185/55r15 Roadx Rxmotion H02 82v...

R 1,005.00

185/70R14 Dunlop Sp560 88T Tyre

R 1,030.00R 1,140.00

175/70R14 Accelera Eco Plus 84T...

R 1,030.00