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Wheel Alignment 

Evolution Wheel and Tyre's autofitment centre has state-of-the-art computerised 4-wheel thrust alignment technology and with skilled and experienced fitment technician. Equipped with 4 Alignment bays from Hunter Engineering, world leader in alignment machines. We provide alignment measurements with pinpoint accuracy. Hunter's QuickGrip® adaptors feature a light design and narrow profile, providing fast and efficient readings.

Bring in your vehicle for professional wheel alignment at our autofitment centre in 85 Booysens Rd, Booyens, Johannesburg South. 

Wheel alignment service in Johannesburg, Gauteng

Wheel Balancing

With our efficient wheel balancing service, we accurately distribute weight across your wheels, correcting any imbalances and optimizing performance. Don't let wheel vibrations compromise your driving experience – contact Evolution Wheel and Tyre today for a solution that ensures a balanced and enjoyable ride.

Wheel balancing services in Johannesburg, Gauteng 

Automatic CenteringCheck® 
Accurately centered wheels = accurately balanced wheels








Nitrogen inflation

Evolution Wheel and Tyre's autofitment centre offers nitrogen inflation for your car tyres.

What is nitrogen inflation?

Nitrogen inflation is the process of replacing regular compressed air with this gas. There are two different techniques of tyre inflation that can both be beneficial to different types of cars. Nitrogen inflation allows the tyres to lose air at a slower rate. This is possible because the molecules are smaller than regular oxygen which means it’s harder for the gasses to escape smaller gaps in the tyres.

Road-Force Balancing

Evolution Wheel and Tyre's autofitment centre offers professional and efficient We balance wheels to cancel out the uncomfortable vibration that can be felt when an unbalanced wheel is traveling at speed. However, imbalance is not the only cause of wheel and tyre induced vibration. A vehicle may have four perfectly balanced wheels and still experience vibration due to Road Force, or the change in force acting on a wheel assembly as it rolls.

The advanced machine increases balance accuracy and ensures weight attachment accuracy, resulting in more single-spin balances and superior ride satisfaction

Road Force Wheel Balancing Machine

Why do we balance wheels? - Understanding Road Force