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    Shop 15 Inch tyres for sale online. View a wide range of 15 inch tyres from different tyre brands: Kenda tires, Continental, Ovation, Michelin, Firestone, Pirelli, General Grabber, Dunlop, Sumitomo, Accelera and many more. Free shipping nationwide on orders above R1000.

    15 Inch Tyres (69)

    225/60r15 Kenda Komet Plus Kr-23...

    R 1,425.00R 1,640.00

    195/45R15 Federal SS595 78V Tyre

    R 965.00R 1,105.00

    185/55R15 Accelera Beta 86V Xl...

    R 1,180.00

    195R15C Dunlop 8pr 106/104S Sp...

    R 1,515.00R 1,865.00

    225/60R15 Accelera Eco Plush 96V...

    R 1,980.00

    195R15C Dunlop WSW Vantrek 106/104R...

    R 2,450.00

    165/50R15 Federal Formoza GIO 73V...

    R 1,065.00R 1,105.00

    165/50R15 Ovation VI-388 72V Tyre

    R 905.00R 1,065.00

    15 inch Buenos Aires 15X7...

    R 6,980.00

    15 inch Miguel 15X6.5 4/100...

    R 6,140.00R 7,215.00

    4/100/108/15 inch R-Gang 15X8.25 Rims...

    R 6,200.00

    195/45R15 Accelera Phi-r 78V Tyre

    R 1,215.00

    195/65R15 Ovation Vi-682 91V Tyre

    R 1,135.00R 1,225.00

    175/60R15 Ovation Vi-682 81H Tyre

    R 1,095.00

    235/60R15 Kenda Klever H/p Kr-15...

    R 1,880.00R 1,990.00

    185/60r15 Kenda Komet Plus Kr-23...

    R 1,060.00

    255/40r17 Accelera Phi 98w Tyre

    R 2,050.00

    185/70r14 Accelera Eco Plush 88h...

    R 1,195.00

    185/60r14 Accelera Epsilon 82h Tyre

    R 1,000.00

    195/65R15 General Altimax One 91V...

    R 860.00R 945.00

    215/80R15 General Grabber TR 102T...

    R 1,585.00R 1,740.00

    195/70R15C Dunlop SPVAN01 104S Tyre

    R 1,840.00

    205/70R15 Dunlop AT5 96T Owl...

    R 1,885.00

    30/9.50R15 Dunlop AT5 LT Owl...

    R 3,205.00

    195/65R15 Iris Ecoris 95H Tyre

    R 1,225.00

    175/50R15 Iris Ecoris 75H Tyre

    R 930.00R 1,135.00

    215/80R15c Firestone Destination At Grip...

    R 3,180.00

    225/75R15c Ecovision Vi-286AT 6PR Tyre

    R 2,485.00

    215/70R15 Ovation VI-682 98H Tyre

    R 1,665.00

    195/60R15 Ovation VI-682 88V Tyre

    R 1,180.00R 1,810.00

    175/50R15 Ovation VI-388 72V Tyre

    R 1,000.00R 1,135.00

    15 inch Antigua 15X7 4/114.3...

    R 6,200.00R 6,820.00

    15 inch Anitgua 15X7 4/100...

    R 6,200.00R 6,820.00

    15 inch Antigua 15X7 4/100...

    R 6,200.00R 6,820.00

    15 inch Buenos Aires 15X7...

    R 6,980.00

    15 inch Tirana 15X6.5 4/100...

    R 5,845.00R 6,820.00

    15 inch Cordoba 15X7.5 4/100...

    R 6,140.00

    129015 15x7.0 4X100/114.3 ET35 (Set...

    R 6,700.00

    15 inch Rosario 15X6 5/100...

    R 6,200.00R 6,820.00

    15 inch Rosario 15X6.5 5/100...

    R 6,120.00R 6,820.00