Shop a wide range of our new and in stock products In-store and online at Evolution Wheel And Tyre. Our new product range includes; Tyres, Wheels, Car sound products, Accessories, Brake pads, Shock absorbers & Coil overs, Car batteries, Car racing seats, Car maintenance and cleaning products, Hooker pipes and many more. We have one of the biggest warehouses in Johannesburg, that helps us keep over thousands tyre brands like; Pirelli, Michelin, Goodyear, Continental, Firestone, Silverstone, Kenda, Sumitomo and many more. Including these wheel brands; Rs Flawless, BBS, Aline, Eagle, Ballistic and many more. For convenient shopping, shop online and get free shipping on orders above R1000.

New products (836)

205/40R17 SUMITOMO 84W BC100 XL

R 1,145.00

15" CARRERA 15X8.0 8/100/114.3 ET0...

R 6,495.00

15" CARRERA 15X8.0 8/100/114.3 ET0...

R 6,495.00

15" ALEGRE 8/100/114.3 ET10 CH73.1...

R 9,990.00

15" ALEGRE 10/100/114.3 ET10 CH73.1...

R 9,990.00

15" BRASILIA 15X8.25 9/100 ET20...

R 6,495.00

15" WOLFSBURG 15X8.0 8/100/114.3 ET20...

R 6,495.00

17" BRASILIA 17X8.0 9/100 ET25...

R 12,500.00

15" CARRERA 15X8.0 8/100/114.3 ET0...

R 9,990.00

15" RIO 15X8.0 9/100 ET20...

R 9,990.00

15" WOLFSBURG 15X8.0 8/100/114.3 ET20...

R 6,495.00

Targa 4 channel hitman series...

R 1,650.00

Targa monoblock street freak amplifier...

R 2,250.00

Starsound 7 inch MP5 double...

R 1,185.00

Starsound android double din media...

R 2,250.00R 2,595.00

Targa PRO-16B 200W (PAIR)

R 550.00R 1,295.00

Targa TG-PRO552 pro series 5"...

R 300.00

Starsound 12" street sub blue

R 1,100.00

Starsound 12" street sub red

R 1,100.00

4/100/17X7.5 CIDER ET35 FX1

R 7,995.00

4/100/17X7.5 AIR ET38 GMMF 7.5J

R 10,340.00

512017X8 WIZARD ET25 GM

R 10,000.00

5/100/17" 7.5J ET35 TL5788 CB73.1...

R 9,280.00

8/100/114/17" 8J ET30 LK1317 CB73.1...

R 9,270.00

17"POLO 6R 5/100 ET35 CH57.1...

R 10,000.00

5/120/17X8 PHANTOM ET25 8J

R 9,000.00

4/100/17X7.5 DYNA ET35 BKML

R 6,600.00

5/112/17X7.5 TRANQUIL ET42 SLBLK

R 7,040.00

4/100/114/17X7 VICTORY ET35 7.5J

R 9,200.00

5/112/17X7.5 PEREZ ET20 HS

R 7,440.00

4/100/17X7.5 DEXTER ET35 BKMF

R 7,995.00

4/100/17" DESTINY BKMF ET35 7.5J

R 9,995.00

5/100/17X7.5 CIRCUIT ET35 CB73.1

R 6,800.00

5/112/17X7 AUDI A4 OEM ET38...

R 10,000.00

4/100/114/17"7,5J ET35 CB73.1 GLOSS BLACK...

R 9,500.00

4/100/114/17X8.5 172602 ET25 CB73.1 MGR...

R 9,500.00

Targa TG-B1204D Brute series 12"...

R 1,150.00

Targa Jive 12 inch SVC...

R 950.00

Targa 5 inch split system...

R 895.00

Alpine 10 inch subwoofer

R 1,795.00