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                Shop a wide range of Car sound products online at Evolution Wheel And Tyre. Car sound product are essential for those long road trips and those picnic days weekends outdoors.

                Our speakers and Subwoofer collection has different types of brands, size and other important specs like Watts and so on. Our sizes range from 2 inches all the way up to 15 Inch. We have Subwoofers, speaker and tweeters. 

                brands: Targa, XTC, Ice power, Starsound, power base, Alpine, Black spider, JBL, Venom, Infinity and many more. Free shipping on orders above R800. 

                SPEAKERS & SUBWOOFERS (11)

                TYGA 12 inch Hooka Series...

                R 1,350.00R 1,750.00

                XTC Frozen Series 5.25 inCH...

                R 245.00R 315.00

                Pioneer TS-G160C-2 16cm 3-Way Speaker...

                R 930.00

                Audio HECTIC BOYZ 2000W 12”...

                R 515.00R 580.00

                Pioneer TS-A30S 12 inch A...

                R 820.00

                Alpine Sxe-1325s 5 inch Coaxial...

                R 740.00

                DB6.0 6 inch 2-Way Split...

                R 650.00

                XTC Future 12inch DVC Subwoofer...

                R 1,080.00R 1,295.00

                4 inch 2way Speaker 200W

                R 255.00

                Pioneer Tsg1010f Dual Cone 4...

                R 335.00

                Targa Street TG-F12D 12 inch...

                R 795.00
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