225/50r17 Roadx Rxmotion U11 Rft 98w Xl Tyre for sale online at Evolution Wheel and Tyre.
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225/50r17 Roadx Rxmotion U11 Rft 98w Xl Tyre

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    Run-Flat Tyres (RFT), also known as šself-supporting run-flat tyres,š are an important safety feature for any vehicle.

    RoadX RXmotion run flate tyres for sale, 225/50R17. These tyres will get your vehicle driving smoother on the road, brings you more comfort on those rough roads while consuming your fuel efficiently.


    • New Technology:šThicker sidewalls to help support the tyre shape. RFT helps lessen the severity of a flat tyre and allows you to get to the closest destination safely.
    • Greater Safety:šNo more delays or being stranded on remote highways due to a flat tyre. RFT products will continue to drive up to 80km/h without having to be replaced immediately.
    • Collision Avoidance:šHelps to avoid accidents caused by the loss of control from punctures or air leaks, increasing overall safety.
    • More Car Space: Run Flat tyre technology also means there is no need to carry a spare which helps increase storage space within the vehicle.
    • Fuel efficient: The special tread compound reduces rolling resistance to provide more efficient fuel consumption.
    • Comfort driving: The varying pitch order and block sipe design better absorb vibrations emitted from the tire for a quieter ride.
    • Tread Pattern: The asymmetric tread pattern contains a center rib for strong grip and handling which allows for precision steering and braking. The four wide grooves are inlaid with horizontal notches which enhance water expulsion for great handling in wet conditions.