235/60r18 Pirelli S-verd Rf(moe) 103v Tyre for sale online at Evolution Wheel and Tyre.
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235/60r18 Pirelli S-verd Rf(moe) 103v Tyre

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    • Run Flat tyres mean safety. They provide greater control of your car in emergency conditions and allow you to continue driving safely even during a rapid loss of inflation pressure.
    • With Run Flat, you will retain mobility in the event of a puncture. So, if your tyre is punctured, even in pouring rain, the Pirelli Self-Supporting Run Flat means you don't have to bother with the spare. Instead, you can continue driving for a limited period.
    • To ensure maximum safety during an emergency situation, the Run Flat tyre must maintain certain speed and distance parameters (8km/h for 8km or 5mph for 5 miles).
    • Due to these restrictions, it's imperative that motorists be notified when a loss in tyre pressure occurs, and therefore the vehicle must be equipped with a TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) to detect and signal tyre pressure changes.