235/75R15lt Accelera M/t-01 104/101q Xl Tyre for sale online at Evolution Wheel and Tyre.
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235/75R15lt Accelera M/t-01 104/101q Xl Tyre

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    The Accelera MT-01 tyre is an aggressive mud-terrain tyre that fits all your off-road needs. Unique tread blocks, a deep tread design, and an open scalloped hump will keep you šgroundedš while youšre off-roads. Donšt let the aggressive pattern fool youšthe Accelera MT-01 tyre is engineered to reduce noise levels and maintain smoothness, no matter how tough the terrain!


    • This tyre has unique tread blocks with wide center sipes increase off-road traction.
    • Open scalloped hump tyre tread offer superior tracking on off-road surfaces; situated between block slots to drain water rapidly, as well as throw away trapped rocks, mud and other foreign material.
    • Deep tyre tread design allows strong hold on ground surfaces and maintains grip on loose surfaces.