255/45r20 Roadx Rxquest Su01 105y Xl Tyre for sale online at Evolution Wheel and Tyre.
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255/45r20 Roadx Rxquest Su01 105y Xl Tyre

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    Tyre has excellent handling for both snow and rain.
    Tyre tread designed to reduce driving noise.
    Great handling and driving stability.
    Tyre tread compounds made specifically for all-season use so you can enjoy a year-round carefree driving experience.
    Summer tyres RoadX Rx Quest SU01 are designed for SUVs and crossovers with high speed and dynamic performance. Such tyres belong to the UHP category, they have good stability and handling at high speeds. Not least, the RoadX Rx Quest SU01 tyres are characterized by good acoustic comfort, as well as fuel efficiency.

    An important feature of the RoadX Rx Quest SU01 tyres is the composition of the compound from which the tread is made. It is based on silica, silicon-containing components, which retains the elasticity of the tyre even at low road temperatures.

    Four main furrows effectively evacuate water to improve handling in wet conditions. The center rib design provides higher grip force for safer acceleration and braking. The silicon-based tread makes the tyre more resistant to wear. The tread block pitch and integrated narrow sipes reduce tyre vibration and noise levels for a more comfortable ride.